Watching Over Your Real Estate Investments
...Like a Hauck!

1. Declutter- remove personal items, paperwork, toys, boxes, nick-knacks, photos & frames. Remove all non-essential items from the kitchen area, dining room table, dressers & baths. Blenders, spices, cutting boards, etc should all be placed in a closed cabinet. Collect all non-essential items and store off site or stack neatly in boxes in the garage or area of out of the line of site from the home entry.

2. For the bathrooms: think “spa” environment. Place a candle near the bathtub with a neatly rolled towel nearby. Make sure all guest towels are neatly hanging & avoid using so they are always in “show” condition.

3. Clean carpets, flooring, windows, baseboards, light bulbs/chandeliers & mirrors.

4. Make sure appliances are spotless. Inspect the refrigerator, stove, microwave, washer & dryer and make sure they are sparkling clean.

5. Find a secure place to put pets during the time the home will be shown. Many people are allergic or afraid of pets.

6. Spruce up the curb appeal – make sure the lawn, bushes, flowers are green & manicured. Replace dead patches in the dirt and remove any unsightly shrubs. Clear walkways & repair cracks or tiles.

7. Clean out the garage and inspect the garage doors for wear & repair. Clean, sweep or re-paint where needed.

8. Make sure the house does not have any negative odors. A fresh clean scent is desirable. Don’t use heavy fragrances to kill odors.

9. Get estimates on all repairs. Decide which ones you want to take care of and have quotes available for buyer inquiries for any you decide not to repair. You may want to get a home inspection to be proactive especially if you want your home to be in top condition.

10. Find home warranties & manuals and gather neatly together in a folder or box